Turf Systems


Designed with man’s best friend in mind with its superior durability. K9FRESH comes in 2 styles and can be used in conjunction with Envirofill and Zeofill for odor control. No more muddy paws jumping back in the car from your dog park trip to the mall!

Tight Cut

Heavy Duty

Deodorizing Inflll

Superior Drainage

Urethane Backing


Nobody likes loud mowers in the middle of your work day. Our CourtYARD series will last you upto 20 years in most cases making the ROI a no brainer. In fact, this product series carries a 15-year warranty, the most extensive coverage in the industry.

Low Maintenance

Moderate To Heavy Duty

Low Sunlight


Sports & Entertainment


The ulitmiate conversion from stale old rooftop to cool turf. GreenDECK is care free and can still get you those LEED credits you desire. The draintile incorporated along with the turf will add years to the life of your rooftop and forever change the look of your building.

High UV Rating

Superior Drainage

Lightweight - Tight Cut

Urethane Backing

Sports & Entertainment


It is hard to explain but kids love turf. ForeverPLAY is exactly what they will do as they let loose on this soft surface that does not make them dirty. IPEMA systems available for fall heights upto 12 feet and contrasting colors to add flare to the function.

Soft & Safe



6' - 12' Fall Height

Superior Drainage


The hottest trend in Mulit-Family is taking old tennis courts and resurfacing with turf. Rediscover that unused space and turn into a soccer field or dog park. CoverCOURT systems use a draintile to bridge over old cracks and low spots at a fraction of the costs for a new tennis court.

Quick and Low Costs Conversion

Soccer Field or Dog Park layout


15-20 year life expectancy

Superior Drainage with added drain tile

Featured Case Studies


Brookwood Hills


Moffitt Cancer Center


The Lovett School


Laketowne Wharf

Looking for Residential Solutions?

Did you know that we offer solutions for residential needs as well? As a result of CityTurf’s growing reputation, we are happy to take residential clients by referral from architects and owners to let them experience the same great service at home.