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Laketowne Wharf

Laketowne Wharf rooftop putting green with an ocean view. Converting a natural grass area with palm trees into synthetic turf is not for the faint of heart.

The heart of Buckhead all dressed up in time for Christmas #syntheticturf #coolturf ...

Fresh new turf for the grand reopening of the Little Apron Academy @homedepot HQ #coolturf #syntheticturf ...

Everything a growing family needs @fireflyforts #syntheticgrass #coolturf ...

Grandma’s house just got a whole lot cooler #syntheticgrass #puttinggreen #coolturf ...

Nice little refuge from the summer heat #coolturf #syntheticgrass ...

Looking for Residential Solutions?

Did you know that we offer solutions for residential needs as well? As a result of CityTurf’s growing reputation, we are happy to take residential clients by referral from architects and owners to let them experience the same great service at home.